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Post by TheTubeScape on Fri Apr 02, 2010 3:14 am

Hello there!

After a few days of working hard, I've finally taken your (NoobFilmworks Razz) feedback and tried to make it better. Here's a few things I've changed.

  • I have added Snake and Tetris and replaced Drivers Ed with Mario World.
  • I have made a specialised background for the Arcade.
  • I have softned the edges of the 'gameblocks' (the things that link you there, with a
    description and an image)
  • Now all games apart from Bouncedown and RuneScape have their own page instead of linking you to
    another site.
  • I have fixed a glitch with the title of the page, along with some other visual/position bugs.<li>And possibly a few other small things I've forgotten.
Please do still give feedback on this thread to how you think we can improve it.



Here's a new part of the update post, what I did to do it!

    Create the main page.
    Edit the homepage.
    Edit the background for the Arcade main page and playing page.
    Make the profiles of the games, and edit them frequently.
    Made the button.
    Create 6 pages for each game.
    Download the games.
    Attach them to their own individual page.
    Upload the whole folder with quite a lot of files.
    Created hover images for buttons and profiles.

Coming soon:
Hiscores. (possibly)

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