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Post by TheTubeScape on Sun Nov 07, 2010 2:47 pm

Read the newspost here!

Is cussing not allowed?
Only use words not censored in RuneScape, unless the voice is bleeped and the overhead text is starred out except for two letters, like "F**k"

Is there a limit to the amount of entries?
You can submit a maximum of three.

I have already been spotlighted, may I still enter?
Of course!

If it's any kind of video and there isnt catagories like Best RSMV or Best Comedy or Best Drama, wouldn't the Best Comedy in general beat everything else and kinda make things a bit topsy turvy?
Everyone has different tastes. Besides, I have the power to cast 50% of the vote and I will be entirely fair.

More coming soon...

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