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Upcoming updates (Pending) Empty Upcoming updates (Pending)

Post by TheTubeScape on Wed Oct 27, 2010 4:06 pm

I planned to make the 'Watch' page link to Videos, not the other way round. Just a little fix, as when you go on Videos, it is not selected in the navigation bar.

I also need to fix the bug where you can no longer watch videos on our site. I will resolve this as soon as possible.

Planning to add an FAQ to the site and possibly Help (under about? Forums?).

Make miniprofile links consistent.

Also, I will attempt to give TheTubeScape 2.0 a comeback, but with a few changes. I will use the dark stripy background instead, and there will be text links. I figured that with these few things, the site would look a lot less ugly. And on second thoughts, it's not as bad as I thought. TheTubeScape 3.0 will still be the main site, as it has a lot more useful features to me and is a lot easier to manage, but TTS-2.0 deserves to have a place. I thought it'd be a nice thing for the oldies too Very Happy Please note that either on the homepage or on every page will say "Welcome to TheTubeScape 2.0. This is an older version of the website and is rarely updated and no longer supported. For the latest version, click here. Learn more about TheTubeScape 3.0 [link to first newspost] Very Happy

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