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Post by TheTubeScape on Sat Jun 12, 2010 8:24 am

Today sees the release of the delta version of TheTubeScape 3.0. There are a few features which are not yet available, but they are being worked on as soon as possible.

This has enabled us to have many new features, and is A LOT easier
for me to update pages and post new things, etc. It is a lot easier to
use, has lots of features and looks much better.
This was originally known as TheTubeScape Hardcore. It was only
accessible by an almost invisible link and had no content. This is now
the third version of the site and is the biggest yet.

Why did you make the change?

For various reasons, as explained above, and the fact that I am a
very poor website maker from scratch. I have no knowledge of coding and
therefore it was not up to standard. If you still want to visit the old
site, it will always be available.

So what now?

This site will now only be known as the current site and as just
TheTubeScape. The old version will always be available, but not updated
at (TheTubeScape 2.0: Original).
This site is still in early stages so please be patient whilst I add
new features and pages from the old site, as well as maybe even more!
This site may work quite differently now, but I hope to link it with
the forums to make it seamless. There may well be writers on the site
which could do various things, though I am no rush to do so. Do not ask
for it. I’m sure TheTubeScape will be better than ever.

Thank you.

TheTubeScape 3.0

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