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Minor site update: Buttons Empty Minor site update: Buttons

Post by TheTubeScape on Sun May 16, 2010 8:45 am

As part of updating the site and TheTubeScape Forums 2.0, the buttons have been updated to match the style. What do you think?

Be sure to keep your eye on the new forums coming soon. It will also complete the style of TheTubeScape and hopefully will look more interesting and nice to the eye than the current one.

Thanks to Unb4nned, our new designer for his help.

Be sure to check out the Forums 2.0 blog here. It will tell you all the changes step by step and I might release the 'concept art' of what it will look like.

In Other News...
A new Designer rank has been created. But you won't get it unless your epic. You'll have to wait to see the icon.

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